Custom PBX and Telephony Services Information


PACIFIC.TEL revolutionizes the power of the cloud to help companies across the globe work smarter, radically improving the way businesses partner with customers and co-workers. It’s a capable platform that offers more than VoIP phone service or cloud PBX, we deliver complete unified communications as a service (UCaaS). PACIFIC.TEL solutions provide today’s mobile workforce with the flexible communication tools needed to get the job done right.

Security Services

PACIFIC.TEL delivers security solutions that are resilient against known attacks and adapt to a changing threat environment. Our expertise spans several security disciplines including software security, active defense, security assessment, security engineering, firewall design, penetration testing, mobile device security, mobile application security, code review with automated static analysis, security testing in quality assurance, and security testing in production. We ensure that our client’s most valuable data is protected wherever it is stored, processed or transmitted, on a wide range of devices, technologies, and architectures.

Networking Services

PACIFIC.TEL offers the following infrastructure safeguards: Network and applications: firewalls and session border controllers Administrative functions: multiple authentication levels Technology: intrusion-detection systems and fraud analytics Operational functions: monitoring, system hardening, and vulnerability scans Payment processing: full PCI DSS 3.1 compliance

E-Commerce Services

Brands today must be innovative, customer obsessed, and well equipped to provide personalized, immersive shopping experiences across any channel, any time. Delivering this requires an enterprise ecommerce platform that is flexible, open, and innovative. PACIFIC.TEL Commerce is the best ecommerce platform for building omnichannel commerce experiences, innovating faster, and transacting with customers in new and disruptive ways. With mass use of smartphone, social media, and fast ubiquitous Internet access, consumers today are more empowered than ever. Experience-driven commerce powered by PACIFIC.TEL enables brands to deliver contextual experiences that are critical to the visitor at that exact moment of their customer journey.

Global Office

Geographic borders are no longer in the way of doing business.
With PACIFIC.TEL Global Office, employees located anywhere in the world can all be on the same secure communications network, accessing the same robust business features from a single business phone system. You’re now able to provide a consistent voice, messaging, and collaboration experience across your workforce to increase productivity while reducing your IT overhead.

Number Porting

Your mobile or land line phone numbers can be ported to PACIFIC.TEL. We will take care of the full porting process with one easy form.

Featured Services

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Proactive fraud mitigation

PACIFIC.TEL prevents toll fraud through access control, detection controls, and usage throttling, and gives you granular control over who gets to make international calls and to where. Plus our global security department actively monitors your account to detect irregular calling patterns and prevent fraudulent charges.

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Physical and environmental security

The PACIFIC.TEL platform is deployed across SSAE 16 and ISO 27001-audited data centers, protected by the most robust electronic prevention systems, on-site engineering specialists, and security guards. The geographic diversity of our locations also minimizes the risk of data loss and service interruption due to catastrophe.